August 1, 2013: This Semester’s Predictions

One Tree Hill is my new addiction. I’ve gone through three seasons in about two weeks and everything about it inspires me. Lucas and Haley have this tradition about every new school year. They write their predications down and hide them in a tin box stored behind a brick in a wall on the roof of the café. At the start of the next school year, they review their predictions.

However, since I’m in college now, I’ve decided to make predictions at the start of every semester and at the beginning of summer. A year is too long for me to wait, too much for me to consider. Who would have thought by now that I would be trying to minor in Art History, about to get a job as a CNA, planning to dye my hair dark purple, have a best friend going to UM, played on the FIU Tennis Team (and visited NYC!), and still in love with my best friend (who loves me back, thank God!)?

I’ll probably keep editing this list before I actually start classes, but for now, here goes:

  • I’ll be working at a hospital in Aventura or at the UM hospital.
  • Hopefully, I’ll go to the Paramore concert at UCF.
  • I’ll still have my 3.97 GPA by the end of the semester.
  • I’ll have over 800 followers on Tumblr.
  • I’ll still be with him!
  • I’ll have at least another poem published in a literary magazine.

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