August 3, 2013: New Changes and Old Friends

August 3, 2013: New Changes and Old Friends

After having a horrible fight with the boy yesterday, and a terrifying and wet morning, I decided to have Tiffany come over. I hadn’t seen her physically since graduation day last year, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you the last time we’d had a conversation lasting more than five minutes. Having her as my company today was one of the best decisions I’ve made this summer.

I told the boy about her coming over, and he asked why is she the only one I actually want to hang out with. She is my oldest friend. It’s been eleven years since I asked her if she wanted a paper fan on the bus. During our conversations, she remarked that no matter how long we go without talking to each other, we can pick off where we left off and act like nothing had ever separated us. Sure, I can do that with Faizah and Adrienne, but with Tiffany, I don’t feel pressured to always be in contact with her. She just lets me be. She’s easy to please and difficult to anger.

We ran through some of our best moments together. She even brought me two sliders from Applebee’s. (Thank God because all I had eaten that day was a bowl of Cheerios). I have really missed her. I’ve gone so long without her. It amazes me how much I can just push away.

It seems she has found a really good guy, Glenn. I’m praying for her happiness. She deserves to find it and never lose it again. She’s just, completely amazing, you know? I don’t feel pressured to have to be someone amazing to her. She saw my FIU poster hanging on the wall and asked me where hers was. I pulled an extra poster from my closet and autographed it for her, “To my best and oldest friend, Tiffany…” Note that none of my other friends have done that.

Tiffany is someone I can always keep in my life, either in the foreground or the background, but still loving me all the same,.


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