August 15, 2013: Dilemma

I’m in love with two men who are mostly opposites.
One lives fifteen minutes away. The other lives nine hours away by plane.
The former I’ve seen almost every day for the past six years. I’ve never even met the latter in real life.
A (the former) is vivacious and everlastingly optimistic. C is tranquil and exists in a state of melancholy, a state in which I bask in from time to time.
A is outgoing and outspoken. C prefers the written word, but is loud spoken when the time arises for a passionate performance.
A is simple and sweet. C is a series of intricate mazes, romance found at every turn.
A, I know almost everything about him. C, is mysterious, by nature and of course, by circumstance.
A is my reality. C is a fevered daydream.


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