August 15, 2013: Sorry, Not Sorry (For Other Things)

This past year (my first year of college) has been revolutionary, and I thank the Universe for that. Even though I’ve probably cried more than I ever have from loneliness and hopelessness and frustration over the boy, rather than from arguing with my parents and friends, this year dug its fingers into my skull and found the fertile valley hiding beneath the teenage wasteland. 

In hindsight, I was a conceited and selfish bitch, a dogmatist in high school. And I am truly sorry for behaving that way and dismissing my friends for expressing their views which I though to be inferior and irrelevant. Even though I miss the popularity and comfortability my intimate high school afforded its students, I am relieved to announce that I the bigot that I once was is now out of sight and out of mind.


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