August 16, 2013

The best friends you could have are probably the ones you’ve laid to the side, that you have grown tired of or just judged to be too inadequate to fit your own needs. 

S has always been unfailingly loyal to me, and after high school I considered it to be an annoyance. S, I’m sorry I betrayed you.

T, I forgot about you when boys clouded your mind, but you’ve always been there when for me when I asked for you. And though we may not have the same interests, we never run out of things to talk about when we are together. T, I am sorry for thinking myself superior to you. You are one of the sweetest souls to inhabit this Earth and I don’t give you credit for that. 

N, even though we haven’t known each other intimately for long, you surprised me when you commented on how I treated one of my friends. You made me realize how I took someone for granted and how easily I push them aside when they commit the action I want them to. And when I texted you after not hearing from you all summer, you apologized for the falling out. But it was my fault as well, you see. A friendship is a two-way street and you needn’t apologize for anything. N, I was happy to see you today and I will always be here for you, hoping to see our friendship grow in time. 


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