August 17, 2013: Re: The Meaning of Openhearteyeswings

in my last month of high school i got a tumblr and named it “whynotdreamoutloud” after one republic’s “dreaming out loud” album. however, it was only a picture blog and i decided to make a new one just for posting my writing. one of the first urls i had followed on the former blog was “soarwithopenwings”. i was attracted to this url because after reading kate chopin’s “the awakening” in my senior year english class, i had adopted a “caged bird” syndrome. thus, i altered the url and created “openhearteyeswings”.

that’s basically all there was to my url, but while answering a recent inquiry about the name, i concluded that at the time of creation, i was experiencing the hype of rebirth, but only in its initial stages. it took me an entire year to willingly acknowledge the changes i have made in my belief system, how i approach my life, and the things i am interested in. i’ve always been afraid of change, but i am growing accustomed to comply with the fluctuations of my identity due to my college experiences.


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