August 20, 2013: Careers

One of my characteristic traits is worrying. I always need to be in the know about my future, whether is what I am doing the next day or in the next year. I’m one of the few people in my family to have been born in the United States, and I’m even luckier to have been raised here. I’ve had everything at my disposal. Thus, my parents made sure I’d be working towards having a more affluent lifestyle compared to theirs. In high school, my main concern was deciding which university I would attend, the University of Miami or Florida International University. I already knew I would be majoring in Nursing, like my parents did. Upon visiting FIU and learning about their Nursing Program, I made up my mind to send in my enrollment fee later in the afternoon. FIU students got to work with these super expensive and ultra cool mannequins! (One even gives birth to a mannequin baby!). Furthermore, FIU was offering me a full tuition scholarship and with my Bright Futures Scholarship, I would be getting a refund every semester. Had I chosen to attend UM, I would be borrowing over $30,000 in loans every SEMESTER.

This coming spring I have to begin applying to nursing nursing schools. I believe my GPA is high enough to be accepted by FIU, but you never know, maybe more qualified candidates will apply. My other choices for nursing school are UM, Barry, and Palm Beach Atlantic because the only other city that excites me almost more than Miami is Palm Beach 😉 Even though UM (and UCLA) will always be my dream school(s), I’m still not sure if I am willing to take out student loans totaling almost $100,000 by the time I graduate. I still have plans to go to graduate school and get my masters in Nursing, which I know I’ll definitely need loans to attend. So perhaps by then, after I’ve been working for at least two years, I’ll be more confident about being able to repay my loans.

Furthermore, I’ve decided to minor in Art History, perhaps even returning to school eventually to earn enough credits to get my Bacherlor’s Degree in it. If my I don’t make it as a professional tennis player and if nursing just isn’t for me, then I think I would like to work on the art scene. One of my oldest friends, my former neighbor, and a former classmate at FIU is also involved in the art industry. I remember marveling at her paintings when I used to hang out at her house when she was in middle school and I was still in elementary school. She still paints today.

I was talking to her in the yard separating her house from mine and she told me about a friend who majored in Art History and was able to intern for David Castillo, a famous art curator in Miami, because of her acquaintance with him. Perhaps, when I have the time, I’ll be able to approach her for her help in acquiring the same internship or somewhere else she has influence.

I also have the option of applying for an internship with the Wolfsonian, FIU’s art museum in Downtown Miami. There are also volunteer positions in FIU’s Frost Museum, which may eventually lead to an internship should I show promise.

If it was a perfect world, I would try to major in Art as well, and take multitudes of classes in English, Politics, Religious Studies, and Psychology. I’d also like to take classes at other universities. There is so much to learn from so many places. I feel myself drowning in the possibilities of life and perhaps that is why I prefer to just waste spend my time writing or blogging or reading a book because I’m afraid to acknowledge all of the things I am missing out on. Or perhaps I shouldn’t consider my “boring” habits as missing out on anything. There is beauty in those activities, isn’t there. It’s all just a matter of perspective. It’s the joy and satisfaction that you get from what you do that makes life great, isn’t it?

I always have a couple of projects started or lined up in my head. I do wish I would jump in and put 100% of my energy into them or just one in particular. I’ve always been a start and stop kind of girl, except when it comes to tennis and my education, and of course, the love of my life 😉


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