August 20, 2013: Read This While Listening to Ian Axel’s “Gone”

Being who you want to be
takes too long.
I wish lifelong aspirations would come with
free two day shipping.
We should have told you about the revolution,
but it kind of slipped my mind.

If I could tell you why I need to buy a new notebook
every day,
do you think I wouldn’t need you anymore?

I think it’s just because
I need to see a clean slate
more than I need to feel it.
Please stop asking me to be me.

I don’t want you to be comfortable.
I want you to lie in bed with the
American flag draped around you,
wondering why you came here,
dragging your ambitions
behind you
your daughter’s
hair ribbons.

You’re still childless,
I know. I made

I want you to read Nietzsche by the fire,
wondering why I kissed you.
Have you ever passed by
a burning car?
I feel heat like that
when I am with you.

You are Florida,
in need winters.

I don’t care if you fall down
without a sound.

I’d rather see you rise up
from a field of flowers
on fire
than climb a mountain

I don’t need to see you
succeed, I just want to
see you
in yourself.

That kind of smile only comes once
in a while
and I’d like to see it more
than the sun

for now.


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