August 23, 2013: Marriage

I’m going to be one of those girls who get married after being in a relationship for seven, ten, fifteen years. Maybe I won’t even get married! Or maybe I’ll just elope and forgo the whole wedding family-awkwardness. Getting engaged after a year or two or less seems to be the trend. Every couple has their own pace, and for a time, I felt the same way. But I’m nineteen and I’ve been in a relationship since I was fourteen, so maybe I should be engaged by now? Honestly, I’m so focused on my career, I wouldn’t want marriage to be added to the list of things tying me down (even though love is supposed to set you free?) It’s such a big commitment. 

But of course, my thoughts on marriage have changed drastically in the last five years. So maybe wait another five to approach me about the topic? 

As my closing remark, I will quote a post from Tumblr, good ol’ Tumblr:

“I don’t know, getting married at 22 seems a lot like leaving the party at 9:30.”


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