August 30, 2013: Commentary

It’s been a while since I’ve written poetry or fiction or my brief personal essays I am so fond of. In favor of my pragmatic revolution, I’ve made up my mind to change up my writing style again. I don’t want it to be optimistic and romantic and just full of ideas that culminate into literary fluff. I want to be raw, explosive, a bellowed proclamation. I don’t want to full myself with aspirations only to have them fall short because of my fear of action. This new school year is centered around action. Thinking about the situation beforehand briefly and then jumping into the mix.

Baby steps first, of course. Shouting out answers confidently. Introducing myself to the person sitting next to me or joining in a conversation behind me I think I could make a contribution to. I guess I want to be less reserved at college. But I don’t need to turn into a social butterfly. My solitary time is essential of course, I just don’t want to feel so alienated in class and spend another year regretting the college I chose to attend among other life-changing decisions.


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