ana is vivacious. ana likes the fast life of metropolitan cities. ana prefers silence though, and locks herself in her room for six of every seven days. ana writes in her journal. ana does not write in her journal. ana remembers her journal and feels guilty, but does not write in it ever again. ana borrows more books than she can read. ana stores her books in suitcases and stores them under her bed. ana makes up stories and tells them to her books while staring at the ceiling before going to bed. ana wants to be a doctor. ana wants to be a nurse. ana wants to study art history. ana just wants to be worthy. ana is happy and falls in love. ana is sad and falls out of love. ana is happy and falls in love online. ana falls out of love and life. ana walks in front of cars just to see if they will stop. ana is still breathing. ana wonders why she cannot stop wondering why. ana is always most alive when ana is hibernating inside of her mind. ana makes midnight calls to ghosts who sometimes pick up the phone and cry. ana asks another faceless lover to help her forget her lies. ana does not leave her house for a week and ana’s lover cries and cries. ana lied down and lied down some more until ana did not want to die anymore.


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