October 24, 2013: Stimuli OverloadOctober 23, 2013: Stimuli Overload

I’m three weeks into my job already and I’m drowning in homework. I haven’t had any time to journal about my thoughts and experiences. I’ve met so many people already and I’m cramming all the information discussed in my classes. I haven’t played tennis in three weeks, I’ve only been with him once a week. My dad is leaving for the Philippines and Bali tomorrow. My Spanish is improving day by day. I need a haircut. I haven’t worn my retainer. I need to go to the dentist. I should switch to wearing glasses. Laundry, always laundry. More extracurricular activities, want that resumé to look full. Classic rock, Hendrix Jimi Hendrix. TEDxFIU in two weeks. Two tests next Monday. Dreaming about work after I work. Phlebotomist named Brandon. Nurse named Tony. Nurse named Elliot–long curly hair. Friendly, friendly, attention, kind. First paycheck tomorrow. Sick of dandruff. Comparison, judgement, bias. Hungry, malnourished, have money though not sure for how long. Halfway finished with semester, still have straight As. 

The boy called me Baby this morning. I told him that was different and he asked me if I liked it. Said yes and asked later why he didn’t call me it often. He said I would get bored of it, no longer a novelty. 

Tony called me Baby this morning. Made it obvious he was checking me out at beginning of shift and said hi to me. Said hi back and was introduced to him by Peter, shook hands. Walked past me after I had clocked out, exclaimed oh my goodness to me. Saw him say it to Latoya earlier, it seems to be his “thing”. Then when leaving parking garage, ID badge wouldn’t swipe to open gate. Old yellow Mustang behind me blasting rap, guys gets out and I hand him the badge. Swipes it and I recognize him. Say oh my God, it’s you again! (in an annoyed voice). He’s in my window saying, “it’s okay, baby” or something like that. Definitely called me Baby with a smile. 

Brandon is handsome, looks like Mack. Thought he was a Doctor because of his lab coat. Seems very kind. Subtle, gentle. Looks can be deceiving though. Has hair that reminds me of Garrett. Don’t think I liked his shoes though. He remembered my name after I told him it once. I didn’t ask him his name, not sure if he told it to me. He did ask me if I was new and how I liked it. It’s funny because I went back to the ice cooler to try to have another encounter with him, but I gave up seeing he was busy with 1160. When I was about to leave 1159, he came in. We shook hands I think. I came back after going to 1161 to ask him his shift hours. He gave me a long explanation. He left without saying Bye. 

Can you tell by the way someone looks at you? 

How accurate am I at decoding facial expressions? Are my gut feelings to be trusted?

Elliot also asked if I was new and starting out on nights. Was waiting for a food tray to heat up and he asked me if I was meditating in the kitchen. Denied it. Said he used to do it too. Mentioned sunrise yoga, sounds stupid thinking back on it now. Hoping he forgot it. He replied of course with a small laugh. When Sza Sza asked me my future plans and I said applying to nursing school, he said That’s cool. He was walking to the Staff bathroom and I was walking toward him with a grin on my face but didn’t look at him because he wasn’t looking at me, but then he glanced back at me and I don’t know what he thought. Didn’t see him at end of shift. Think he has a girlfriend. 

Have to go back to studying. Tired of dandruff. Hate my baggy eyes.


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