November 21, 2013

It’s true what they say–these are the days that count. But, doesn’t every day count? What about the days after death? Nobody knows what you’re doing out there–in space, in Heaven, in Hell, in your dreamworld, out of bounds in limbo. You could be influencing the world from behind that opaque transcendent curtain. Maybe Shakespeare or Sexton is speaking through me (however, I highly doubt it however).

Anyways, those thoughts that you think are insignificant, they’ll lead to other things, bigger things. Thoughts that accomplish dreams. Thoughts that hopefully come to you before middle adulthood and make you realize you’d rather be a(n) _______ over a(n) _______.You’ve got to pay attention to those thoughts. The little pieces of you that escape through the cracks–hopefully you’ll widen them. You’ll grip them with gritted teeth and tired hands to pull them apart, wider than your shoulders’ width.

These are the days that count. These are the thoughts that count.

Write them down. Reread them. Turn them into actions.

We’ll remember you. We will.

We are waiting.


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