November 22, 2013: Ramble

I like putting dates on my writing and photos. I write. I read. I listen to music. I stay at home a lot. My current obsessions are Gilmore Girls and writing about people. I’ve been feeling so inspired and artsy lately. Finals are coming up. I just want to read and read. Happy thoughts. Don’t think about last night. I miss having English classes. I miss home. I miss my mom. I miss my cat. I wish things were simpler but life is so rich now. I want to be kind. I believe in God again. I like having money because it means I can eat heartily. But I don’t exercise so much anymore, I’m working so less time for tennis. So can’t eat too too much. I miss playing on the piano. I miss challenges. So much freedom but we’re restricted by time, a manmade concept measured by nature. Restricted by society’s mindsets that demand freedom abut condemn excess. 


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